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At IPGRIP, LLC we are committed to business development of innovative technologies and helping existing businesses to rediscover the value of technological innovation. We approach every project with a focus on achieving the highest return on capital, whether the capital is intellectual property, human capital, or financial assets.
At IPGRIP we maintain closely linked network of affiliates throughout the world. We are represented in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, and Asian office is coming soon. Technological and business aptitude makes IPGRIP an irreplaceable asset in a corporate turnaround of technology companies.

Entrepreneurship and technology transfer
If you can dream and design it, we can help you make a business of your dream. We help with seed capital and maintain control throughout the start-up development process to ensure proper balance between technology and business.

Business and corporate development
We manage all stages of a company turnaround. Our professional network of law firms, banks, market and product consultants, and specialized trades people allows us operate in different corners of the world.

At IPGRIP we not only advise our clients on innovation development and corporate restrucuting, but take active position in implementing the change, by sharing the risks of outcome with the key stakeholders. Our partners often take roles in management boards or interim executive positions during restructuring phase.

IPGRIP is known for:

  • Creative thinking;
  • Business and technology acumen;
  • Honesty, integrity, and results.