At IPGRIP we advise our clients on the innovation in business development and corporate restrucuting. We also take active position by sharing the risks of outcome with our client and partners. Our fellows often take roles in management boards or interim executive positions during restructuring phase. Below is a list of projects where IPGRIP, LLC has controllig interest.

Selectroplating - a selective electrochemical plating technology.
The selective deposition method is targeted at reducing the cost of interconnect formation. The method compliments plating (ECP) and reduces intensity of CMP. Othe applications include filling deep trench for through silicon via (TSV) and packaging applications. Proposed technology has applications in semiconductor manufacturing:

  • Back end processing - reduction of CMP clearing metal off the field area;
  • Chip packaging - through silicon via (TSV) formation for chip packaging;
  • Solar cell - copper interconnect line manufacturing;

Total identifiable market for the selective metal deposition technology is estimated 1,4 billion U.S. dollars annually and is growing steadily with the number of wafer starts. Further signifiant benefits arise from enabling low-k porous materials in IC manufacturing.

The project is in development stage. Patents pending. Technology is tested in lab settings on a wide range of IC patterns and aspect ratios. Trial and presentation can be scheduled on request. Please, contact us for more information.

For more information, please, to visit project site Selectroplating.

The SlurryScope is aimed at detection of oversized particles in slurries and emulsions. Total identifiable market for slurry monitoring devices is estimated 300 million dollars.
Other areas of application include:

  • Inks - quality control for oversized particles in inks;
  • Biological research - control for biological contamination in a flow;
  • Medicine - control for oversized particles in emulsions;
  • Food producs - large particles are related to quality of the food products;
  • Any other contamination critical control of suspensions and emulsions for particles of 1 micron and up;

The product is released and is available for pre-booking. Please, contact us to schedule a presentation. Patents pending.

For more information, please, visit project site SlurryScope.